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3M is coming? Three liner companies to reach the ship sharing agreement

日期: 2015-12-16
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It is reported that merchantman Mitsui, Mediterranean Shipping and Maersk shipping recently announced that in Asia - South America east coast route a vessel sharing agreement.
Three liner companies said, will be in Asia - South America east coast route of the 2 link service on 22 ship operators. The Maersk, Mediterranean Shipping will in which a service link were deployed 6 ships 9000TEU container ship, Mitsui OSK lines in another link deployment ship 10 5500TEU container ship.
Maersk Line in a statement said, will be in Asia and South America east coast route to provide transport services of electronic products and auto parts, so as to promote the development of shipping industry in Latin America. In addition, the company also pointed out that this route is conducive to South American countries through the east coast of the east coast of the protein products exported to asia.
According to the three liner companies reached an agreement, the existing ship sharing agreement will be at the end of June this year to try and in July next year in the first week of starting new link service, first flight will be from Asia starting, followed by the port of call is as follows:
Link 1: Busan - Shanghai - Ningbo - Yantian Chiwan - Hong Kong - Singapore - Santos - Paranagua - Buenos Aires - Montevideo in Grande - Paranagua Santos - coega - Singapore - Hong Kong Busan.
Link 1: Chiwan, Yantian - Hong Kong - Singapore - Santos - Sepetiba - ITAJAI - Naweigentesi - South San Francisco Santos - Sepetiba - Cape Town Durban - Singapore - Chiwan.

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