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Focus on the maritime lifeline - "six keys to lock the world" China's grip a few

日期: 2015-12-16
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"China and Thailand to build carat canal" problem yesterday, stir in East Asia and Southeast Asia area of the field of public opinion, the Thai officials intensive come forward to clarify. Caused by strong interest of all parties of the canal allegedly long 102 kilometers, cost $28 billion, it can not through the Strait of Malacca and into the Indian Ocean to China shipping, if Xiucheng Asian Geopolitical Pattern will be changed. China's oil imports nearly 80 percent of the Malacca Strait, the Strait was controlled by the United States, which is the head of East Asian countries, including China, including the head of the tight hoop, known as the Malacca dilemma". Thai officials yesterday denied a cooperation agreement on the canal, but there are also multi said Thailand folk are still in contact consultation. This news caused behind hot, it is people on the safety of sea power very seriously.
Hongkong "Oriental Daily" reported on the 19 carat canal, overlooking the earth, focusing on the international channel game". According to the article, "with the Nicaragua canal in Central America last year and the Thailand carat canal work started, China officially entered the era of sea power". Reported that today's world economy is a global economy, the world trade 90% of the transport by sea to achieve. The U. S. Navy has listed 16 sea lanes, of which seven in the Atlantic, two in the Pacific, two in the Indian Ocean, 2 in the Mediterranean. 16 sea lanes linking the five continents, four oceans communication is not only the world maritime traffic and Global trade ties, is also the sea in important waterway and strategic hub.
"Six keys to lock the world", the world's geopolitical has such a metaphor, meaning that there are six most critical maritime transport channel, determines the world's energy transport. They are: the Panama Canal, the Strait of Gibraltar, Suez Canal, the Strait of Hormuz, bab El Mandeb Strait and the Strait of Malacca. It is generally believed that the vast majority of these Strait control in the hands of the United states. The United States Navy with super strength, holding the ocean the throat, which is equivalent to control the global sea and take control of the sea power. "Oriental Daily" think, with carat canal and Nicaragua canal excavate, component of Chinese sea power rose sharply, especially carat canal on China's strategic deployment, is much more important than the Nicaragua canal. Because as soon as the carat canal, the United States to China blockade of the island chain will be useless, Chinese warships and merchant ships can free access to the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, Singapore will lose the most important advantages of the port, as the importance of the United States Strategic piece will also be greatly weakened. And China could help Thailand railway construction of China and Thailand, China, Yunnan, Guangxi's goods in the future by rail can be reaching carat canal.
Scholars in Taiwan Cai Yi that, hope the major ports in the Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean series together, actively strengthen relations with Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, Myanmar and other countries bordering the Indian Ocean, to major ports along the investment, strengthen maintenance leading to Europe and Africa Freedom of navigation, to ensure the smooth flow of Maritime Silk Road.
Hongkong media have warned that the United States may put pressure on Thailand to obstruct the construction of China's grand canal. Western doubts on China's participation in the large overseas engineering is almost habitual, from Brazil's Atlantic coast built to Peru on the Pacific coast of the two ocean Railway "caused some Americans to China to enter" backyard "warning. December 2014, by a private enterprises in China to invest in the construction of the Nicaragua canal project officially started, at a cost of about $50 billion, to start before and after, the western media to Chinese enterprise qualification and the necessity of the project never stop questioning, also known as project will destroy the local environment. Planned Pakistan economic corridor will link China Xinjiang Kashgar and the Indian Ocean on the banks of the Gwadar Port in Pakistan, including highway, railway, oil and gas, cable channel, energy and infrastructure construction projects, in the western media, the plan is pegged to the South Asia geopolitical game.
Xiamen University Scholars Zhuang Guotu 19, told the Global Times said, only a strait of Malacca has been unable to meet the trend of the world economic center gradually sloping to East Asia, adding a carat canal, is conducive to the development of the economy of East Asia region. He said, "now some voice said" China is keen in Kela canal, is used to contain is control of the United States and Singapore as the Strait of Malacca, to improve China's strategic position ", seems to be dug carat canal just China unilaterally" first hot ", which may have ulterior motives ground to hype. The economic value of the canal is in existence, not only in China, but in many countries in East Asia.

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