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Air Freight Service
1. Distinguished Service
AF, LX on the South American line, MU on the Dhaka line.
Handling of special or complex air cargo (oversize, overweight and irregular).
Provide advice and solve various customs clearance processes for customers.
Representative for Evaluation of chemical cargo, foreign trade agency, etc.

2. General Service
2.1. Cargo space booking:
Fast: Offering a Variety of convenient booking channels (AF, LX, MU, CA, EK, KL, FM etc.).
Smooth: We are familiar with the airline operations and booking procedures.
Comprehensive: Our air freight operations span across the globe, relying on the knowledge of our professional management team in combination with modern hardware facilities providing customers with a full range of personalized and high quality air transport services. The customer service department will arrange, documents, routes, customs clearance, transfer of goods, etc. Through our company’s professional training in with regards to civil aviation, the air cargo market is second nature to our employees, showing full dedication to serve our clients, providing international cargo booking, customs clearance, inspection, warehousing, and delivery through train service.
2.2. Warehousing and transportation:
Win-Win Logistics provides a full range of professional packaging, pallets, marks, labels and other services related to container packing.
3. Strengths
3.1. Professional employees
Our seasoned customer service and operating personnel, is very familiar with the air freight bookings and operating procedures.
3.2. Refined system
Win-Win Logistics makes use of the ERP booking system, which offers a wide variety of functions, order to booking, over to cargo planning, customs clearance, lading, issuance of bills of lading. All processes are carried out according to the R-Q HSE safety control system, enabling us to monitor and ensure the the transport of the goods is handled appropriately and up to standard.
3.3. Qualification and facilities
Win-Win Logistics has been approved by the China Foreign Economic and Trade Department as a freight forwarder, and has obtained a freight forwarding certificate from the China Air Transport Association.

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